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BCWI’s purpose is to promote women’s voices and women’s fellowships across British Columbia. We welcome all women to become BCWI members and find community and friendship locally and provincially.


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The Women’s Institute was founded in Canada in 1897 and has spread since from coast to coast and to other countries. We welcome women of all ages and nationalities to join and become WI members!


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After I joined, I loved that I was instantly welcomed and felt like part of the group right away. I enjoy WI because it's a tight knit group, we are welcoming and caring and we do a lot of things to help the community around us.

— Robin Janzen

A Great Grandma and Grandma were founding members of Shirley WI in about 1920. Plus my mother stood as a President at one time. I was invited to join by a friend 8 years ago. I have seen what the ACWW has done in the world community and I want to be part of WI.

— Gail Graham

To meet other women and help the community in the different ways by fundraising and make material or monetary donations.

— Linda Townsend

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